HD Transfer represents the entire thermal transfer film products that we manufacture.  We have created many products for various applications and requirements.

HDPrints. 768x207

HD Prints4 1024x577

HD.Prints is a full coloured thermal transfer film that can be applied on light and dark surfaces. It works on a wide variety of products and surfaces including t-shirts, caps, bags, umbrellas, lanyards, and cardboards. It will bond onto surfaces like cotton, polyester, rayon, nylon, PU, PVC, non-woven and many more fabric like textures. It will NOT bond on smooth and hard surfaces such as glass and ceramic.

HD Prints has been specially formulated to withstand multiple washes, low temperature tumble dry, stretching and scratching. It is incredibly tough, and can tolerate a small amount of abuse without losing its colour and adhesiveness. The prints are super detailed and fine. The colours are vibrant and jumps on you.

The hand feel of HD Prints is about the same has rubberised screen print, if not, even thinner and softer feel.

HD HEAT 768x243

hd heat sample


HD Heat is a single colour thermal transfer film. It has the same characteristics as HD Prints, except that it is single colour only. Metallic Silver and Gold versions are available. HD Heat is tougher and more stretchable that HD Prints. It can even be printed on socks and spandex material without cracking or peeling.  Prices is lower then HD Prints.

HDClear 768x167

hd clear 1


HD Clear is essentially HD Prints without a white base. Which means it is transparent and is only suitable for white and light colour surfaces. Prices is lower than HD Prints.

Application Instructions

Place HD Transfer film on to the t-shirt, apply heat and pressure. There are two methods

If you are using a heat press, the setting is 160C, for 5 seconds. Let it cool, then peel. Then repress for another 5 seconds.



For ordinary dry iron, you will need to experiment with the settings as there are no indication how much temperature and pressure it will provide. So the approximate setting is heat No4, or Wool and rayon for temperature. Press time will be significantly longer, about 60 seconds. Wait till it cools down then peel. Put a scrap fabric on it, and re-iron for another 20 seconds.



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