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HD Transfer range of products is a recent discovery.  The first product was conceived on 2nd January 2017 using new methods and techniques never used before in the textile printing industry. Invented by Freddie Koh, with support from KS Ong and Alex Koh and with collaboration with Image Logo Thailand, we have spent many hours, sleepless nights and considerable about of funds to perfect print quality and make it commercially viable. HD Transfer range products today has surpassed many traditional printing techniques in terms of quality, speed and price. For our users who follow our development, below is our timeline of product improvements and discovery.

31 August 2017

V6 is released. The heat press time has further been improved. Now only requiring 5 seconds to press, cold peel and other 5 seconds to press. Our rapid press technology make HDprints one of the fastest t-shirt printing technique in the world!

31 July 2017 VERSION 5 is RELEASED

New setting – 160C / 20-second press and 10 second Repress for t-shirts. for improved durability of color.
New setting 130C / 10 second for bags.
Tested to last beyond 50 washes!
Very soft hand feel. It now feels just like rubberise screen print!
Another 10% Color improvements. Now it jumps at you!
Scratch resistant!


A new version specifically formulated for white or light t-shirt. It is without the white based. This is about 30% cheaper than HD Prints.

10 July 2017 – RELEASED TEFLON MG1.0
This product converts your pressed jobs from glossy to matt, with screen print like texture. Makes the prints heat into the fabric and brings out the color by 10%

HD Raster is a graphic technique to introduce holes and gaps into the artwork. The result is improved durability and handfeel.

14 June 2017 – VERSION 4 is RELEASED
Reduced Defects to less than 1%

In just a few days, we have another improvements. Defect rate prior to version 4 is about 10%.  After washed, there is a 10% chance the prints may crack.  We have successfully reduced this to less than 1%. Application of glue is now more consistent, and slightly improved in adhesiveness.

31st May 2017 – VERSION 3 IS RELEASED

Durability Improvements
Below are our test results for washing machine wash, with standard detergent. We washed 20 times, with only minor degradation. See pictures below.

Color Improvements
Even more vivid than before. We can safely say, this is the BEST color/resolution you can find in the market.

23 May 2017  – HD HEAT IS RELEASED
HD HEAT is a single color heat transfer product. Generally half price from HD Prints.

14 April 2017 – Version 2.5 is released. HD Prints now works on Bags and Umbrellas

New improve formulation now works under low temperature application. This new formulation now makes it possible to print on bags, umbrellas, lanyards, PVC and PU based texture.

24 February 2017 – VERSION 2 is RELEASED

HD transfers now is manufactured without the ugly borders that plaque Heat Transfer products.

2nd January 2017 .  – DISCOVERY OF HD PRINTS. VERSION 1 !!

HD Prints is discovered. But not commercially viable. Product cracks when fabric is stretch. Color drops when washed.

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